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Vícha Daniel, Ing.



vicha (at) vupt.cz


2010 - 2015: Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Agronomy, field Plant Biotechnology,
thesis topic: Influence of plant responses to temperature stress modulating cytokinin levels - fenomic and proteomic analysis

Research interests

Study of genetic resources of forage legumes, their collecting, gathering and evaluation. Managing of computer evidence of genetic resources.
Investigator of the project „National program for conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources and agrobiodiversity“, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic.

Language knowledge

English - active knowledge
German - passive knowledge

Selected publications

KRYSTOFOVA, O., SOCHOR, J., VICHA, D., ADAM, V., KIZEK, R. Effect of kadmium (II) ions on activities of aminotransferases in plants cultivated under various lighting conditions. Cadmium Symposium 2012. 1st ed., Sassari, Italy, 2012, p. 2.

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